Intimate villa wedding in Tuscany, Italy

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The beauty of the Tuscan countryside and the traditional villa set the perfect scene for Elvira’s and Ricky’s wedding.

In the middle of June we were invited to join Elvira’s and Ricky’s wedding at Tuscany , Italy .
Even though we have been there quite a few times, Tuscany never ceases to amaze us.
The couple approached the wedding in a really relaxed and laid back way as their dream wedding was all about simplicity.

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Elvira and her family originally coming from Ukraine have been looking forward to the wedding as a place where all the family could gather and enjoy the night at peace.
It was of great importance that all the family could unite in such a special event as the recent events have separated them into different countries.

aenaon films tuscany wedding videographer

Ricky and Elvira met at work , in Berlin, on a casual day where little did they know, that day would bring so much joy and excitement to the rest of their lives. Ricky’s family and friends at first could not believe that he had made such a big decision to move to a different country alone. As soon as they heard that Ricky met a girl from work and they started dating they ensured that Ricky was on the right path. Their dates became more frequent and without noticing they had started living together. Berling is the place where they call home and enjoy even to the present date.

aenaon films tucany wedding videographer

The location of the venue where everything took place, the stunning Villa Ferdinanda, with its historic roots , dating back to 1900, could offer the elegance that the couple was looking for. Located in the traditional borgo di Artimino it is a classy location by itself that has also a lot of great surroundings.

aenaon films tuscany wedding videographer

The ceremony and the vow exchange was intimate for the couple and it brought tears to the eyes of many of the guests. Destination weddings bring us the joy of being a part of unique stories such as this one that you could tell from the speeches of the family members that everyone was so emotional and really present to celebrate with all their heart this beautiful union.

aenaon films tuscany wedding videographer

This is where we also met Federico, an Italian destination photographer , a great person and a great professional who let us dive deeper into aspects of Italian culture. All the vendors did a great job highlighting the villa and its surroundings in the most natural way.


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